1.Oral Health Programme

Oral Health Programmes are the core of Team Sahayatri. It is one of the leading and few organizations in Nepal that is working for better oral health through various preventive, promotive and curative services. It run programs for the Government as well as supports and works in collaboration with national and international partners in doing the following activities:

  1. School Oral Health Program in  schools which includes making the parents, teachers and the students become aware of the importance of teeth as well as give them knowledge about common oral health problems
  2. Run and advocate for yearly brushing program in schools
  3. Advocate for the use of fluoride vehicles
  4. Develop educational material development on oral health
  5. Supervision and monitoring of the past work through collection of report.


 2. Advocacy Programme

Sahayatri Nepal also has been working in the following fields:

  1. Child club formation.
  2. Female group formation.
  3. Coordination and networking with other local groups and NGOs.

3. Educational programmes

Team Sahayatri aims to work in the field of education . It has currently started working for deprived children. Most of the work in education is being done for the deprived group. There,we look to work in the following fields:

  1. Provison of educational and learning materials to the schools and orphanages.
  2. Scholarships to the deserving and needy students.
  3. Create an environment for teaching and learning facilities.

4. Health Awareness

Team focuses to promote the life standard of every group and society with the prevalence of the diseases to prevent them and promote the healthy living in different sectors as sanitation, environment, health and social aspects.