Team intends to pursue its activities even beyond  the district headquarters in the most remote parts of the country. If the resources are found and the situation calls for its services, and intends to expand its services to the most remote districts which are also  deemed as the neediest parts of the country with approval of local authority.

TEAM SAHAYATRI aims to work for the inclusion of Women and Children and Poorest of the Poor with the following aims:

  1. Ensure gender equity with a special focus on women in the programmes at all levels
  2. Use gender disaggregated indicators for programme planning, monitoring and evaluation
  3. Promote participation and decision making roles of girls, women and deprived groups
  4. Enhance the access to and control over opportunities to women and deprived groups.
  5. Orient and promote sensitivity of gender equity.
  6. Consider gender equity issue in the process and conditions of partnership.
  7. Enable communities to recognize the role of women in the society.
  8. Actively promote and provide space for women in a leadership position within the organisation.

Help to alleviate poverty and assist the poorest of the poor to uplift their quality of life through various programmes irrespective of caste, ethnicity and origin.